Tamil entertainer Vivek dies at 59 tollywood 

Tamil entertainer Vivek dies at 59

Tamil entertainer Vivek, 59, died on Saturday daily after being conceded to a clinic in Chennai in an oblivious state and revived there. He stayed in an essential condition and was on the heart and respiratory help at the medical clinic’s Intensive Care Unit. Vivek went through a crisis coronary angiogram and angioplasty after acquiring a 100% blockage in his left coronary corridor. “This is an intense coronary condition with cardiogenic stun,” said a proclamation from the emergency clinic. “This is a different cardiovascular occasion and may not be because…

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Threesome in 'Jathi Ratnalu' is the genuine recognition for stupidity instead of '3 Idiots' tollywood 

Threesome in ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ is the genuine recognition for stupidity instead of ‘3 Idiots’

When was the last time I had some good times watching a film about many blockheads messing up through a progression of experiences in a cybercity blunder and that occasionally verge on destroyed out stupidity; however, some way or another consistently figure out; how to coax a laugh out of the crowd? The film commending senselessness can’t bear to be senseless like the current week’s other delivery, Hello Charlie which is pretty much as inept as its duh hero. Indeed, a movie about ridiculously misinformed over-reachers should be monitored by…

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